On October 31, 2009 the Dangergrass band from central Wisconsin, in the spirit of Halloween, dressed up as pirates and debuted their collection of sea songs and shanties.  The persona stuck, and today the group travels under the guise of Canon Ball.  

A highly versatile and dynamic group, each show brings new surprises from onstage theatrics, big sound, or psychedelic jams to a simple string band quintet.    The band is very responsive to its audience and often tailors their show to the venue, rocking late into the night at a festival one night, then weaving storytelling into a more traditional acoustic set at a folk or art festival the next.

One of our recent endeavors transports the audience to the decks of ancient ships in a series of sea songs and shanties.  At some venues we team up with our good friend Dr. Bob to present the Seafaring Puppeto.  Mermaids, sea hags, vikings, pirates, whales with unicorn horns and exploring the underwater world with SCUBA gear are all part of this musical puppet show.  So head out to sea and be entertained with live music performed to a choreographed seafaring marionette puppet show!

Canon Ball has had the pleasure of playing  the Porcupine Mountains Music Festival, Steel Bridge Songfest, Pirate Festivals, Tall Ship Festivals, Numerous Art Fairs & Festivals, Boats & Bluegrass Festival, Midwest Music Fest, and headlined the Midwest Renewable Energy Association's (MREA) Energy Fair.  Canon Ball has shared bills with bands such as Pert Near Sandstone, Greg Brown, Charlie Parr, The Blueheels, Sloppy Joe, Joe Craven, Dr. Didg, Corey Chisel and the Wandering Sons, and Trampled by Turtles. 

"Can.on" 1. a sanctioned or accepted group or body of related
                  works <the canon of great literature>
              2. a contrapuntal musical composition in which each
                  successively entering voice presents the initial
                  theme usually transformed in a strictly consistent
"Ball"      1. a large formal gathering for social dancing
              2. a very pleasant experience : a good time <everyone
                  had a ball at the wedding>



Band Members:

Edward Stanton Lemar          guitar, ukulele, woodwinds, organ
Ryan Haney                            banjo
Patrick Gonzagowski             bass  
Jme Wershboard Scallywag  washboard & drums
Jeff Sachs                               mandolin, fiddle


Seafaring Songs  (2010)  Canon Ball

Canon Ball  (2011)  Canon Ball

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